I go to prepare a place for you…

that where I am, you may be also.

In the wake of the 2004 billion-dollar, box-office, phenomenon The Passion of the Christ, God has been inspiring Christian talent to discover and take their place in faith-based Hollywood as an evangelistic vehicle—to spread and demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the secular community.

Kathryn De Fries hails from the Great Northwest. She joins the Winship Global Alliance™ team with ministerial service of 20 years. Her background includes over 20 years in the Prayer Movement, Political Grassroots Mobilization, Church Leadership, Public Speaking, Equipping, Prayer strategy to pastors and leaders and Market Place Ministry.

She attended Portland Bible College and is a graduate of the Wagner Leadership Institute, with a Bachelor of Arts, emphasis in Deliverance, Practical Ministries and Leadership.

Kathryn is currently an agent/producer in the faith-based entertainment industry. As the granddaughter of a Cinema Idol in Japan, she also carries a passion for global transformation in the realm of Arts and Entertainment.

Kathryn's desire is to combine all aspects of her background to help the body of Christ transition from beyond the 4 walls of the Church into effective infusion for Missional influence in every sphere of society. Her current focus is to offer practical tools out of the Entertainment Industry to aspiring talent for faith-based Hollywood for a powerful transition into their next place within today’s Market Place, and gates of influence.

Following an offer from Actors, Models, Talent for Christ (AMTC) to be West coast Coordinator for Talent competition, Kathryn was introduced to the COO of PureFlix via her prayer network to scout Screenwriters for opportunities with their company. She currently serves as a Talent Scout for Curb Word Entertainment via Trey Smith as well as a Talent Scout/Manager for United Christian Artists and Sapphire Gate Studios.

Stephen J Burton is a former award-winning “teacher-of-the-year” who has also worked as a Head Writer/Director on a Telly-Award winning television pilot for PBS. Mr. Burton has over twenty years of practical, working industry experience in film, television, and theater. He cut-his-teeth in the independent film industry in various jobs in the filming process from pre-to-post production. He has also worked as a professional actor on such hits as Blue Bloods, White Collar, CSI NY, MacGyver, Nickelodeon, Gossip Girl, etc. Mr. Burton recently published his first book, The God Promise: How to Believe God for Your Wildest Dreams!!, which hit the #1 New Release mark on Amazon in two special categories, including Christian Discipleship.

Not only does Mr. Burton have outstanding working experience, but he also earned a Certificate in Directing from New York University. He's professionally trained in screenwriting through the Florida Gulf Coast University under Jeff Lindsay (writer/creator of Dexter) and the prestigious Act One program. Mr. Burton also has a graduate degree in Computer Science Education.

Most importantly, Mr. Burton has been a faithful, spirit-filled, born-again Christian and follower of Jesus Christ for over thirty years, having worked in various ministries along-the-way.

Mark Andrew Job hails from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The son of a research scientist and an opera/choir soloist, Mark grew up in the arts rich, sometimes, politically and socially turbulent atmosphere of Quebec Culture in the 1970's & 80's.

Mark is an award winning Canadian Film Maker, and has worked as a Director, cinematographer, broadcast TV camera operator, film and television editor, documentary film maker, and also a digital/mult-media technology journalist, with several published articles in Red Shark News Magazine in London, England. Mark lives where faith meets commercial film production, with a deep fascination for motion picture and digital cinema camera technology, and how Christian belief can impact a digital savvy world.

Skill Set: Mark brings a variety of media related skills to the table. The list includes.... Videographer/Cinematographer/Camera Operator Film & Television Broadcast Editor (On Avid Certified Media Composer Editor) Director/Film Maker In Dramatic & Documentary (Ability to work both dramatically with actors and independently with documentary subjects) Published Writer/Journalist (With articles in Red Shark News in London England and Charisma Christian Magazine in the USA) and BFR News.

Mark signed with United Christian Artists in 2018.

Carolyn “CeCe” Christian is a writer, SAG actress & Professional Hand Model repped by #1 Beverly Hills agency BodyPartsModels. Almost finished with her 150 page autobiography Half Time: Locker Room Speech for Life, CeCe’s main focus has been birthing a Matt Damon inspired film, an autobiopic “LaLa Land” based on her faith testimony & life as an aspiring actress fighting to get her movie made.

Hailing from Houston, Texas were she received a childhood prophecy that ‘God would send her to Holywood to bring a message of Hope’, CeCe recently attended the Cannes Film Festival where she met Israeli Producer Avi Lerner & was invited to participate in developing a New Generation of action films in a co-pro deal with Par studios & Crystal Sky Pictures.


Our assignment is to develop and advance Christian talent into opportunities of influence by offering the key components of “relationships.” Life comes down to love, trust, integrity, character, communication, passion, and who you know. We cultivate these qualities in our partners to help them launch…and land on their feet…in their calling to faith-based, New Hollywood.

As God’s A-List alumni, your opportunities can multiply. Once training is complete, graduates are added to our base for upcoming television and film projects—in front and behind the camera. We offer a “fast pass” so you have a quality portfolio, and are strategically placed in key roles to advance His Kingdom in the Hollywood system.

Professional Services Offered:

Package I : Script consultation - $349

  • A detailed notes for story structure, story flow, dialogue and formatting errors.

Package II : Script consultation with Zoom Call -$499

  • All of the above plus a 70-minute zoom call discussing the notes

Package III : Script consultation with Zoom call, notes, rewrite, second set of notes, second zoom call. -$1500

  • Includes Scout Opportunity for qualifying clients with name credited on United Christian Artists/ Sapphire Gate Studios Demo Reels for Resume.


Package IV : Top Talent Professional Demo Reel production by Mark Job, formerly of Aviel Talent Management in Montreal. - $399

Coming the Fall:

UCA Film Academy in Atlanta

Watch for details! Fall 2022

Stewards & Curators of Sound & Light


Write the vision, make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.

We’re in a very special season. It’s the Hebrew year 5780, the year of the Good Samaritan. We sense God wants to launch new artists beyond the scope of cinema and look forward to showcasing art and merchandise designed by known artists and up-and-comers. We are grateful for these men and women of God to help us break new ground.


Levi Whalen bio coming soon...

Listen to Levi's music on SoundCloud at:

Levi Whalen on Sound Cloud

Levi Whalen

Gary Mumford formerly of Shalimar. Original Shalamar Lead Vocalist 1977, International Recording Artist. Appearances: Soul Train , The Mean Salsa Machine, American Bandstand. Pastor, Father.

Detailed Bio coming soon.

Coming Soon

David Gilchrist- California-born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, David was always drawn to orchestral film music and orchestral arrangements in folk and pop during the 70s and early 80s. Drawing from spaghetti westerns of the late 60s to film dramas of the 90s to the present, David has always been drawn to iconic imagery in film and the great modern composers that cemented those images into the minds of their generation. Aaron Copeland, John Williams, Ennio Morricone, James Horner and Thomas Newman are composers that have most shaped David's sound. From 2006 to 2010, David scored for two documentaries, three films and two albums. The highlight of David's career occurred when he composed the underscore for the film, “The Widow's Might”, the grand prize winner of $101,000 at the 2009 San Antonio Independent Film Festival Award.

IMDb https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2756545/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cr5

The Widow's Might Soundtracks on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=the+widow%27s+might+David+Gilchrist

David Gilchrist


God in a Nutshell

Exploring the Cutting Edge of Biblical Prophecy

Producer, Filmmaker, Author, and Teacher Trey Smith explores the News, Science, Archeology, Ancient Discoveries, Prophecy, Torah and Ancient Texts as it relates to the end times. Exploring the line-by-line precision of the Biblical Texts and Modern Knowledge.

For more information, visit Trey at God in a Nutshell.

Sapphire Gate Studios

Kathryn De Fries offers networking opportunities for filmmakers, screenwriters, feature development, pre-mid-and-post production, special effects, lighting, and lead-supporting-and-character actors.

For more information, visit: Sapphire Gate Studios

Curb Word Entertainment

Owned and operated by Mike Curb, Curb Records (Curb I Word Entertainment) is one of the most successful independently owned Record labels in the world! Mike Curb purchased Word Records in 2016 and the two companies merged (Curb I Word Entertainment).

Special thanks to Trey Smith for this strategic partnership with Curb Word and United Christian Artists Music Arm.


United Christian Artists is friends with Adam She, formerly the President of AMTC to help you advance to their “front line” of talent scouts and agencies

AMTC realizes that no life goes untouched by media. Film, fashion, music and theater influence us like never before. Their “stars” have become the standard-bearers for our children. An average teen spends 75 hours a week in media which escalates to over 60,000 hours by the age of 17.

At AMTC, we believe God has allowed such a time as this. Earth’s stage is set. Jesus the King is coming! Actors, models and talent for Christ are called to prepare the way for the return of the Lord. To clear up misunderstandings about who Jesus really is…and His unconditional love for us.


“We deliver systems that produce cultures of relational excellence marked by trust, passion, and character. Empowered by TEAM PORTACLE™.”

William D. Winship is the CEO of Portacle, and an architect of Safe Power. He is acclaimed for his 5-day, Relational Excellence Practical that pinpoints and eliminates dysfunction in business and people. Portacle provides a unique integrated approach, which incorporates Executive Coaching and Process Consulting, that’s measurable. Hence, the tagline, “Measured Success.”

A key skill-set that opens doors of opportunity is knowing how to negotiate. Most people don’t make or execute a “practical plan” to get noticed or to advance in the Arts & Entertainment industry. We offer special tools for team-building and negotiation for win/win situations. This is necessary for the ongoing success of aspiring filmmakers, production teams, directors, producers, actors, and writers.

AEA, SAG-AFTRA & Professional Actor’s Perspective

In fond memory of our friend

Greg Allen Johnson (March 30, 1951 - December 6, 2017)

Stay grounded with 20 plus years of industry-savvy wisdom from Greg Allen Johnson. Born and raised in Geneseo, Illinois, Greg fondly remembers being 6 years-old, and putting on impromptu puppet shows for all who watched and listened.

Greg majored in theatre at the University of Illinois, then studied at the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco. Moving to Hollywood in 1991, Greg has acted in many productions that require quick wit and charm. He has appeared in recurring roles on Conan O’Brien, Late Night with Adam Corolla, General Hospital, Scrubs, The King of Queens, Las Vegas, and Night Court…just to name a few.

On stage, he appeared in San Francisco’s longest-running, comedy-murder mystery, “Bar None,” as well as performing in “Room Service,” at the Laguna Playhouse. Presently, Greg is an active, voting member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. See Film Credits at : IMDB



United Christian Artists is established as a partner with Youth With a Mission Harvest Helpers, a 501-c3 available for Tax Deductible donations toward special projects to educate via Films and related media platforms.

Hair Perfect

701 Sleater Kinney Rd SE #13, Lacey, WA 98503

(360) 438-3391

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Our sponsorship opportunities can build your brand and impact the lives of future actors and filmmakers.


Devon LeMaster

Devon is a marketing consultant. He helps small businesses with less than 100 employees achieve success through employee engagement and cost effective strategies to reach more customers. Devon listens, collaborates, implements, and evaluates.


The Glory of God

When a business, church, ministry or person donates to United Christian Artists, they receive media resources for multiplication. United Christian Artists produces and markets faith-based content. Our MISSION is to influence international conversations to rethink sometimes forgotten pieces of ancient world history, through entertaining and thought provoking conversations and musical content to help listeners make sense of the unexplained realms of the supernatural in every area of culture with the demonstration of power in Jesus Christ.

United Christian Artists is strategically partnered with The Glory of God of the World, a non-for-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Advisory Board

Trey Smith – God in a Nutshell

William D. Winship – Winship Global Alliance

Rick Forcier – Chairman Washington State Prayer Embassy, Daniel’s House

Charles Robinson - WISE Ministries, Tipping Point Hollywood

Eric and Kathryn Inouye

Michael Worrell – Full Gospel Businessman’s Fellowship | Women’s AGLOW Sponsor


He calls his sheep by name, and leads them out